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Solar Oven Trackers
Please download a .pdf file for the latest info by clicking here 

Small Power Systems makes two solar oven trackers. In the first system, the solar oven sits on a lazy susan turntable and a motor with a wheel turns the oven and turntable. A small solar panel powers the motor. The oven must be placed on a flat smooth surface large enough that the wheel can walk around an arc with the solar oven in the center.

The use of trackers for solar ovens permits unattended operation. Using trackers also allows the oven to be left "on" for prolonged cooking or canning. With trackers, it is possible to store energy for later use or to set the oven to start cooking at a later time. A tracker allows the use of a thermostat to keep the oven at a constant temperature.

Small Power Systems will currently build these units for $45. If we get enough demand we will try to get the price down.

We designed this first, simple version with the hope of deployment of solar ovens in the third world countries, but we also have a smaller version of the self-powered tracker (described on the self-powered tracker page) that can be used advantageously for solar ovens, especially for larger ovens or where there isn't a flat area for the simpler version.