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Photovoltaic trackers

   Azimuth and Dual-axis Trackers
     Small to large pole mount trachers.
   Linear Trackers
     Linear axis trackers for roof tops, large intallations, parking shade structures, etc.
   Self-powered trackers
   Small, simple trackers for solar panels, solar ovens, or education that do not require any external power.

Daylighting trackers
   Trackers used to bring sunlight into buildings for lighting purposes.

Point focus trackers
   Precision trackers to move arrays of mirrors or other optical elements including concentrating photovoltaic arrays.

Solar oven trackers
   A very inexpensive and simple tracker primarily intended for use with solar ovens.

Custom trackers
   We will build custom and building integrated trackers for any application.

General tracking information
   Basic information about tracking primarily for photovoltaic systems with links to additional pages for more detailed information.

Other Products

   Short description of a non-electric solar refrigerator-freezer Small Power Systems has developed and is producing in limited quantity.

Tracking thermal systems
   Description of thermal dish and concentrating PV work SPS has done

PV voltage regulators
   Inexpensive 3 and 6 amp charge controllers.

DC ceiling fans
   High efficiency and high quality 12 and 24 VDC fans.

Solar pump design
   AC and DC high efficiency centrifugal pumps larger than 1/2 HP.

Company Information

Company Biographies
   A little about who is behind SPS.